Tracy Philips

“We were referred to Don by friends who had hired him to build their dream home. We had been looking to move but couldn’t find the perfect house. We found a possible home in a great location but it needed a ton of work, the floor plan was not functional and the interior was outdated. Before purchasing it, we asked Don to take a look and give us his thoughts. He was very encouraging and had great ideas so we went ahead and purchased the house. It was a leap of faith. We were anxious and excited and a bit overwhelmed. Don was wonderful and patient as he walked us through every step of the renovation process. He steered us in the right direction, and made excellent and thoughtful recommendations. He and his team were extremely professional and conscientious. We feel very fortunate to have gone through the renovation experience with him. We’ve been in our home for two years now and Don still checks in on us occasionally to make sure that everything is okay and working properly. If you plan to build or renovate, don’t miss the opportunity to work with him, he is the best!”