We are currently working with Don Johnson who is building our home. We did not find Don until AFTER we went through a nightmare with another contractor. You always hear stories about these “nightmares” happening to other people, well a huge nightmare happened to us. We were left with a house that was half built with horrible materials, horrible workmanship, and major framing, foundation, and electrical problems. We learned major lessons including what we did wrong in choosing a contractor. We now know what you look for in a contractor/ homebuilder when choosing one to build your home. Don is not only an extraordinary homebuilder, he is a kind, caring human being that is one of those rare individuals that cares about his work.

HOW DID WE FIND DON JOHNSON? Don was building a home in proximity to the home we were having built. We watched him build this home, from the materials that were used to the quality of the workmanship… exceptional. We also saw Don at the house everyday working on the house, not just “managing” the site. When things started to go wrong with our house I asked Don for some advice, he was kind of enough to help us even before we asked him to take over the job.

We have learned a lot from our experience, an experience we do not wish on any person or family building a home. What should you look for when choosing a Homebuilder?

1. DO NOT LOOK FOR THE LOWEST BID (we did and it was the biggest mistake of our life). Your house is the biggest investment of your life. Don Johnson is not a salesperson or a businessman, he is a homebuilder and that is what you will get. You will get the very best of materials and workmanship. All of the people working with your home will care about their work and are true craftsman at their trade.

2. Choose a contractor that will work on your home not just manage your home. There are a thousand decisions that go into building a home… Don was at our home every day guiding me with every decision I had to make informing me on how to build a “fine” home and helping me make good choices.

3. Choose a contractor that is easy to get along with. Building a home is stressful. From the time Don Johnson took over our home he truly made the experience stress free. We have learned so many lessons in the past 18 months, lessons we hope to pass on. I would love to personally talk to each and every homeowner who is interested in Don Johnson building their home. He is an exceptional man building an exceptional home. Every dollar that Don puts into your home is going to be nothing BUT QUALITY.