Tim Stevens

“Don is currently in the finishing stages of building our home. We are absolutely thrilled that we made the best choice in working with Don. He is making our dreams come true. We have heard many nightmare stories about different homebuilders in the area and this was our first time building a home. We were very excited and nervous at the same time. We met with several homebuilders in the area, some more sales oriented than others. We learned that you truly must trust your builder, because there are situations that arise in construction when trust is key. We heard about Don through our architect who even admitted that if he were building a home, he would choose Don. We decided to work with Don and could not be happier. He is always working onsite, building our home as if it were his own. He truly cares about his work and it shines through and through. He is an honest, solid and extremely talented man. How many people invite their builder to their house warming party? We will and we look forward to working with Don in the future for other projects.”